Friday, April 29, 2011

Yoruba Proverbs and Their Meaning

Eera ko fe poroporo denu; kin kinni l'omo araye n fe ni mo ( The ants do not truly like the cornstalk,so is the love of other people minimal)

Epe ibinu ko pa odi (Cursing a deaf in anger has no effect)

Ero ona ni royin oka to gbo (Passers-by are the first to bring the news that the corn is ripe)

Eti baba nile, eti baba l'oko;eniyan ni i je be (Father hears everything because people tell him)

Ewure ti n je alubosa,oju ni i nkan; kini won yoo fi se ( A goat that eats onions is just in a hurry,is that not the ingredient with which it will be cooked?)

Ewure wo alapata bi ko ku ( The goat looks at the butcher and wished him dead)

Eyi ko t'ofo,eyi ko t'ofo; fila imale ku peeki (The loss is small, the loss is minimal culmulated in the smallness of the muslim's cap)

Eyin to ta yo,wahala enu ni. ( A protruded teeth is a problem to the mouth)